We are half-way through our packing lists. We’ve covered clothing and accessories, now we need to look at electronics. Keep in mind that this is where a lot of your luggage weight will occur so be frugal in your choices.

  • Computer or notebook – make sure it’s small and lightweight. Always carry in hand luggage.
  • eBook – I never leave home without it. Sure helps pass the time in between flights as well as when in the air.
  • Phone – overseas roaming costs can be absolutely horrendous so think about buying a local SIM card at your destination. Whilst a good back up form of communication with people back home, I prefer to use my computer. Love Selfies? Well, don’t forget the selfie stick!
  • Camera / video – I have a traditional DSLR camera although nowadays many travellers use their notebooks or phones – the clarity of their lens is excellent. Just keep in mind how much battery power is used – you may not have easy access to recharging facilities. I always carry a spare fully charged battery and several SIM cards, a lens cloth and a “blower” to gentle force dust or sand particles off the lens.
  • Solar charger – I spend lots of time in the desert where electricity is not available (have you every showered by candle-light?). By carrying a portable solar charger, you can recharge phones, etc. at any time.
  • Drones – warning: in many countries these are considered a serious risk to national safety and are banned. Be very sure about the legality of carrying one before arriving at your destination.
  • Chargers and power cables – most of the above are pretty useless if you forget to bring power cables to recharge. Have these laid out beside the relevant items when packing, however put them all in a plastic zip-lock bag or separate small carry bag so they are easy to find when needed.
  • Electrical plugs – different countries, different power socket configurations. Check details from your destination country websites or purchase a multi-pronged plug that will fit whatever sockets you come across. For Jerusalem I will need plugs with two round pins. Power points will allow for a 3-pin plug which includes an earthing pin. Many hotels will keep a few spare plugs which they can loan out should you bring the wrong style.
  • Hairdryer – most hotels provide either permanently affixed inside the room or available to borrow from Housekeeping.

Any electronics of value always travel with me in my hand luggage. I know it’s annoying having to take everything out of your bags as you pass through Customs X-ray check points, but I’d prefer to have them with me – less chance of getting lost or stolen.