A proper healthy middle eastern breakfast. Staying at a very upbeat hotel called BY14. Would definitely recommend this hotel for clients. The staff are really nice even when I arrived at midnight and the accommodation is fabulous. My first day of tours starts in 45 minutes. 

Day one has been full-on and we’ve been told this is the pace we will set every day.

We didn’t actually do any sightseeing in Tel Aviv, but went straight to the ancient seaport of Jaffa nearby. Along the coast Jaffa was the only place that offered any sort of safe anchorage and became the port where pilgrims caught their first sight of Israel as they disembarked ships and headed to Jerusalem. Lots of small alleyways with homes/shops hidden away behind heavy wooden doors. Many fishermen enjoying the sunny day on the boardwalk.

St Peter’s Church is the only church in Israel not facing east. It faces the ocean and represents the church welcoming pilgrims to the country.

We also visited the Wishing Bridge above the old town – copper icons of the zodiac are wrapped around the bridge railings. Find your sign, place your hands on it and make a wish, and the wish will come true.

This cute little fella was watching the world go by from his first storey window.

Lots of alleyways.

We then headed to Caesarea.